It’s a human characteristic to want to judge people by their appearances, or in this case your favourite drink, it helps us try to understand what we are in for… before we make contact. Just like your clothes, shoes, accessories, hairstyle, make-up or lack thereof, says tons about you! Have a look at possible preconceptions people have when they overhear you ordering your favourite at the bar. And of course – let us know if you agree!

your favourite drink

Beer drinkers – You are generally very chilled, and a beer just helps you take the edge off. You love sports and supporting your team with a cold one. Beer has no age limit and crosses all walks of life – but as a social person your favourite drink generally means you are prepared to strike up that conversation at the bar. If not, why not?

Wine drinkers – You love the sophisticated feel of a wine glass in your hand. You probably sit in front of a computer or in meetings 80% of your day and would like to enjoy your wine in peace. After the 3rd glass however, you may be a little more friendly much like you personality. Wine drinkers usually have a “resting bitch face” which once you ease into them, you can’t believe how unfriendly you initially thought they were. Your favourite drink makes people more careful when approaching and don’t offer to buy you a drink right away.

your favourite drink

Champagne drinkers – You are extremely pedantic, the fact that you prefer to only drink champagne may have people thinking you have a lot to celebrate. They just don’t know, it hits you in the sweet spot faster and doesn’t leave you with a hangover. You like that it makes you exclusive and different although not many places can cater for you. Depending on when someone approaches, your favourite drink let’s them think you are a little meek and quiet. They couldn’t be more wrong. (Underneath though your heart is the size of a pin.)

Cider drinkers – You like the sweeter side of life, and still take sugar in your coffee. You like to keep your options uncomplicated because your life screams intricacy and sometimes a girl just needs some simplicity. You drink this when with your girls, and your evenings are full of screeches of laughter and giggles. Men around are all trying to figure out a way to infiltrate the clique without being too cheesy or obvious. Your favourite drink definitely allows opening to the line “Can I buy you a drink?”

your favourite drink

Now that you have had a little giggle, and agreed or disagreed profusely with the summing up of most of the people you know. If not, you need to consider this at your next party. Which of course needs a bar – to accurately form your own opinions of your friends. Why not let Chota, Peg and Lime assist you with this? We also offer bespoke drinks – check out all you need to know about that here. Contact us at or 077 1830 9618 for Mobile Bar Hire and a Free Venue Finder and a whole bunch of other cool stuff we can assist you with.

So how accurate were we with your favourite drink? Let us know in the comments, and check back soon for when we delve into the spirits and what they say about you. Don’t miss it!

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