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Chota Peg & Lime’s name is derived from a period in history, the end of the 19th Century. Picture a time when soldiers were issued tonic water to combat malaria, in British colonial India. The quinine, which is a bitter crystalline compound present in cinchona bark, still used in tonic water today, is the ingredient which they found to cure the fevers presented from malaria.

Call them clever or call them drunks, they improved this bitter taste by adding fruit, sugar and gin. Instead of drinking the medicine routinely in the morning, they figured out a way to incorporate it into happy hour. When adding the gin, it was always in the same small amount, the exact size of a modern day shot. This shot of gin was known back then as a Chota Peg.

The “Lime” part of our name originates from similar circumstances as the old wise Indian’s. Lime was issued to sailors to prevent scurvy, as lime contains what scurvy is caused by a lack of –  vitamin C.  However, they are sour to the taste, but sailors are smarter still and combatted this by adding a little Peg of rum to their lime portions.

From these roots we find the modern Gimlet and this, or a shot of Gin with Lime, or a “Chota Peg and Lime” is perfectly fitting for us. Rich in history and a little cheeky, our name is a true reflection of the pioneers we strive to be.


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