Names are generally the first thing we learn about someone, they give us preconceptions to add to the ones we have already made about the drinks they are ordering. From this our human nature starts to form judgements, all Suzie’s are softies, because the Suzie’s you know have created that perception. If you have heard of Chota or Peg before either you’re are one for the history books, a travelled drinker or you have experienced our awesomeness for yourself.

Chota peg and lime

Either way, our Chota Peg and Lime story has a little twist, keep reading!

In the 1600’s a Chota Peg, was a way of measurement, much like our modern day shot size, a peg is still used in some parts today. Soldiers in India fought many things, one of which was the malaria virus. One of the ways they contested this was by using tonic water. Tonic water you may be asking? Yes, the quinine, a bitter crystalline compound present in the cinchona bark is still used in tonic water today! This ingredient was found to cure the fevers resulting from malaria.

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down is what Mary Poppins always said, but she only came around much later in the 1900’s. These sailors needed a solution for the bitter tasting tonic water aka medicine. They creatively improved this by adding fruits, sugars and you guessed it… Gin! A new drink was born, a favourite of many! If this is your favourite too – be sure to check out what this drink says about you here!

They even went a step further and stopped drinking their “medicine” in the morning as per their usual routine. It became their happy hour routine! When the Gin was added to their meds, they would measure it using a Chota Peg.

chota peg and lime

Right about now you are probably thinking, I get it now!

Even with the Lime, but actually, even the Lime has its own unique history. Similarly, sailors were issued with lime to prevent scurvy because of its high vitamin C content. Lime’s much like lemon are sour to the taste. In sailor tradition, though they bettered this taste but adding a peg of rum to their lime portions.

Chota Peg and Lime, a shot of Gin and lime or a Gimlet. Whatever way you would like to think of us, we can combat any event need you may have. With a shot of something sweet, sparkly and a little cheek let us make your event as unforgettable as the legacy that lies behind our name.

If you would like to get in touch with Chota Peg and Lime regarding mobile bar hire, or any other cool stuff we have to offer you can reach us at or 077 0477 9171.

What is in a name anyway? Chota Peg and Lime believes EVERYTHING! Check back next week where we will showcase an awesome event we catered for.
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