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Full-Service Hire

We’re sure you want to enjoy the party too, and experience it alongside your company family, so let us do all the stressing and planning for you. This package includes the use of our bar, trained staff, and the choice of one of three payment options for your guests, to suit your bar or event style.
CASH BAR: The guests pay for the drinks from the bespoke menu of your choosing.

OPEN BAR: You cover the cost of drinks ordered off a menu of your choosing.

TICKET BAR: Your guests receive redeemable vouchers to the value of your choosing, and additional drinks over and above the ticket allowance will be paid by the guests themselves.

Staff Only

You already have a bar, and drinks but need professional, trained staff? We have you covered! Our friendly Chota Peg & Lime staff are efficient, welcoming, and look forward to making your event extra special with attention to detail.

Our versatile and competent staff includes: waiting and event staff, bar staff, cocktail bar staff, staff supervisors, security personnel and event managers.

*A minimum shift time of four hours per staff member is required.

Dry Hire

You have drinks, and staff already but you are looking for an awesome looking bar? Look no further than Chota Peg & Lime.

We provide dry hire including the set up and break down of the bar at your request.

Licensing information

The owner of Chota Peg & Lime is fully APLH qualified with a personal alcohol license so you do not need to worry about arranging a license for your event. There is a non-refundable charge of £25.00 to obtain your temporary event notice if one is required. Please note we require a minimum of 21 days’ notice to apply for your event license.

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