Cocktail and drink making is a science. Yep. Watching flairers and bartenders on your nights out is the result of hours, sometimes even days, weeks or years of experience and training being poured into your glass. Let alone the undeterminable amount of time that it took to imagine, define and create the cocktail to begin with.

This article from Fast Co Design intrigued us. Is there really a simple mathematical equation and ratio to creating the perfect cocktail? If there is, then apparently this is it!


Alcohol, Tart, Sweet


Alcohol. Vodka, gin, rum… – simple as that. The key to choosing the right alcohol for your cocktail comes almost entirely from personal taste, but other factors such as your meal choice could also be considered if it’s part of a main event, or dinner evening. Of course, if you’re on a night out, go with what you love!

Tart. Think citrus, sour and sharp! Lemons, lime, grapefruit, pineapple

Sweet. This is a little broader, including anything from a simple syrup flavour or brown sugar, through to juice drinks such as apple or orange juice.

So there’s the science, but ultimately Cocktails are down to personal taste. There are five key things to consider when you’re choosing your bespoke cocktails for your wedding, event or party:

  1. Is it a universally enjoyed drink? Even though it may be your wedding or event, you still have a duty (sorry!) to provide drinks that your guests will enjoy. You might love your Espresso Martini, but for non-coffee lovers it’s an absolute no-go.
  2. Sweet, sour, or ice based? To give you three examples; Sex on the Beach, a Whisky Sour, or a Caipirinha? Three very different cocktails, with distinctive flavours. Do the flavours match the food, canapes or environment that they are being served in?
  3. If you’re choosing two cocktails, mix up the flavours and the base alcohol to offer variety. No matter how much you love rum, you need to broaden those horizons (unless it’s pirate themed, then it’s all about the rum!)
  4. Costs! Always take these into consideration. A Champagne based cocktail will be less cost effective than a Prosecco cocktail. Mojito’s are a personal favourite of ours, but they are ingredient heavy with lime, mint and sugar. Similarly, think through your glassware. If you’re serving 3 cocktails that need 3 different style glasses, you’re adding to your rental costs.
  5. If your cocktails need to be freshly made and created every time, such as Mojitos or Martini’s, this adds time to the queue at the bar, which can lead to disgruntled guests and a downer on the evening. Whilst we don’t recommend bulk making cocktails, it’s sensible to consider how many guests you will have, and what will be simple and quick to make, yet deliciously effective!


There’s a lot to consider, but thankfully you’ve got the experts on hand to guide you through. Contact us today to find out more about Chota Peg and Lime bar services.