We’re pretty sure you’re already a fan of a good G&T because honestly, who isn’t, but have you ever thought about how you could take it to the next level?  Well, we did. Chota Peg & Lime’s Gin Masterclass Kit contains everything you need for four fabulous gin cocktails you can make from your dinner table to show-off to guests, or from your couch for quiet evenings in with whatever’s new on Netflix.  We’re all about sustainability at Chota Peg & Lime and that’s why we’ve made sure that every aspect of our kit is re-usable, recyclable or up-cyclable. Read on to find out what exactly is in this beautiful tin box and why we love the four cocktails we’ve included.

So, what’s in the box?

Obviously, the star of the show is either a 100ml bottle, or two 100ml bottles of Grove Fever Graveney Gin. Graveney Gin is only brewed in very small batches and is certified organic. You’ll see for yourself how delicious this gin is and how perfectly the flavour lends itself to our cocktails. Next up – Fever-Tree Tonic. You’ll either get two or three 150 ml cans, depending on whether you order Chota Small or Chota Large. Now Fever-Tree Tonic barely needs an introduction but here goes – this premium mixer was created to ensure that your high-quality spirit is added to a high-quality mixer to produce an unrivalled drinking experience at every occasion. It’s no wonder we chose Fever-Tree for our kit. In your box you’ll also find a beautiful little pouch containing bits of trees, these are your botanicals. The Szechuan peppercorns, cardamom, anise stars, and rosemary all come packaged in the perfect portion to add to your cocktails, they’re also sourced locally and are organic. The same goes for your cool little test tube’s contents, a beautiful cinnamon stick. The last of our included cocktail-flavour additives is some zesty citrus, two dehydrated orange wheels and a dehydrated lemon wheel, all lovingly dehydrated by Rochelle’s expert hands (and a nifty little machine we found on sale). Under all this, there’s a tiny little round tin, containing … just joking, we’re not telling you! That’s your mystery surprise element, keep an eye on this blog for more on that later. We’ve also included a little bamboo straw for you, so save the turtles and sip away in style with the cutest re-usable drinking device. Finally, you’ll find a little card. This is from us to you and contains the most important aspect of this whole idea – the four gin cocktail recipes we are dying for you to try.

The Fabulous Four:

The first taste sensation we are proud to present is the Orange and Cinnamon Gin Cocktail. All the ingredients you’ll need are one dehydrated orange wheel, one cinnamon stick, 25 ml Graveney Gin, Fever-Tree Tonic and ice cubes. Luckily, all of these are included in Chota Peg & Lime’s Gin Masterclass Kit (except the ice cubes, sorry we haven’t quite figured out how to package them yet). This cocktail is a classic, delicious way of spicing up your G&T, and it’s not hard to see why. The sharp and zesty citrus compliments the earthy and spicy cinnamon notes to bring you a well-rounded and irresistible flavour. If you have powdered cinnamon in your kitchen, top your cocktail off with a light dusting of it for an extra-special touch. Your recipe card also includes steps on how to trap cinnamon smoke in your glass if you’re really looking to introduce a WOW factor.

Another personal favourite we’re bringing to you is an Orange and Rosemary Gin Cocktail. Yes, we do love our orange flavour, it just goes so perfectly with the Grove Fever Gin. Again, everything you need is included, another dehydrated orange wheel, a sprig of fresh rosemary, 25 mls of Graveney Grove Fever Gin, and Fever-Tree tonic, just add ice. In your box you’ll find expert tips on how best to muddle these all together so you can experience this glass of magic. We’re also endorsing tough love with this one and advising a firm slap of the rosemary before you add it, we want to encourage those natural oils and all their aromas and flavours to join the party.

Next up is our beautiful friend, the Anise and Cardamon Gin Cocktail. This one is great for occasions that are definitely getting photographed for Instagram, as the anise stars allow for a look that’s just as wonderful as the taste. You’ll only need three anise stars, a gram of cardamom, 25 ml Graveney gin and Fever-Tree tonic to taste. When creating this earthy, hearty, slightly liquorish-y taste, once you’ve swirled everything around, reposition the stars on the inside of the glass, pushed against it. This gives a festive, Christmas look to your gin which matches the flavours. Make one (or two or three) of these for your Christmas dinner and watch your family’s faces light up.

Finally, we’ve included a drink that’s just like you – fresh and spicy! Meet the Lemon and Szechuan Peppercorn Gin Cocktail: a drink that feels like an exciting summer afternoon. The zest of the lemon pairs perfectly with the roasted peppercorns, a cutting edge through warmth and spiciness, which is coincidently how you’ll feel after a few of these. The lemon wheel, a gram of Szechuan Peppercorns, 25 ml of Graveney Gin and Fever-Tree tonic are all you need, but if you happen to have a cucumber lying around, use a veggie peeler to get 3 strips with which to garnish your drink. The fresh flavour combines beautifully with the citrus.

We can’t wait for you to experience all of our favourites and how we’ve lovingly packaged them for you! Chota Peg & Lime’s Gin Masterclass Kit is a wonderful festive treat for the vibrant gin-lover in your life, or a magical evening in for you which guarantees loads of mixologist fun. Please tag us on Instagram @Chota_Peg_And_Lime with your creations, we’re dying to experience this with you! Chota Peg & Lime’s Gin Masterclass Kits are available now at https://www.chotapegandlime.com/new-gin/ in the sizes Chota Small or Chota Large.

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