You want your event to be a success and with mobile bar hire, you have the drinks sorted. With a great bartender, the whole event will feel so much better but what makes for a great hospitality service?

#1 A great attitude

People think that being bar staff is easy – after all, all they do is serve drinks and wash glasses, right?! There are many aspects of the work that staff train for, such as mixing cocktails and keeping a bar in great shape.

But bar tendering is a service and as such, not everything about being a bar tender can be found in a training manual. You want staff full of charisma and conversation, as well as being organised and knowledgeable about drinks, mixers and bar snacks.

#2 A tidy bar

It doesn’t how busy a bar gets, a great bartender will always have a pristine bar, with glasses collected and washed, ready for re-use throughout the evening. And that means keeping an eye on the small details, such as plenty of napkins, wiping the bar regularly for spills, rubbish removed and so on.

#3 Drink suggestions

The cocktail and drinks menu can be a confusing range of options and so a bartender will know his or her stuff when it comes to drinks. A sign of great bar staff is when they suggest a cocktail or drink that complements the customer.

#4 A great memory

As well as being physically organised, a great bartender has an organised memory too. They can remember faces and names, they create drinks to order (and re-make them too) and they welcome people back to the bar like they are old friends.

#5 Anticipation

With mobile bar hire, you can be confident that the professional staff have everything sorted and that includes keeping an eye on guests at the bar. Do they need another drink? Do they need more stock at the bar? What about bar snacks? Do they need help choosing the perfect drink?

#6 Trusted

Being a fantastic host is what makes an event a success and by employing a bartender and a mobile bar for your event, you are trusting them to deliver. This means making it their role to look after guests at the bar, offering them what they want and when they need it.

#7 Professionalism

You need to be uber-confident that the mobile bar hire company can offer the service that they say they can. When it comes to reviews and feedback, you want to know that the bar staff are professional in everything that they do. And that means the tougher stuff too, like asking for ID and dealing with people a ‘little worse for wear’.

Overall, you want your event to be a great experience but when it comes to mobile bar hire, it is not just having drinks for your guests but having a great hospitality service for them too.

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