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Are you ready to show off your superb cocktail skills and flaunt your superior gin cocktail craftsmanship? With Chota Peg and Lime’s Masterclass Gin Kit, you can make your mixologist dreams a reality.

Our Chota Peg and Lime Gin Kit is an indulgent gin experience, crafted by you. The star of the show is a stunning, locally sourced, Graveney Gin, which pairs perfectly with the included famous Fever-Tree tonic.

Four ‘ginspired’ cocktail recipes for you to try, using only the finest aromatic and fragrant botanicals, come printed on recycled paper. Did we mention that every aspect of the kit is reusable or recyclable? And that it’s all locally produced? What more could you ask for from a locally developed, artisanal gin experience!

Chota Peg and Lime’s Gin Masterclass Kit is an ideal festive gift for the vibrant and creative gin-lover in your life.

How it works

What’s in the Box:

Graveney Gin
(Chota Peg Small includes a 100ml bottle, and Chota Peg Large includes two
100ml bottles)

Fever Tree Tonics
(Chota Peg Small includes two 150ml cans, and Chota Peg Large includes
three 150ml cans)

Bamboo straw

Varied Botanicals: Szechuan Peppercorns; Cardamon; Anise Stars; Dehydrated Orange Wheels; Dehydrated Lemon Wheel; Rosemary; Cinnamon Stick

4 x Gin Cocktail Recipes

A round tin containing your “Surprise Element”

Licensing information

The owner of Chota Peg & Lime is fully APLH qualified with a personal alcohol license so you do not need to worry about arranging a license for your event. There is a non-refundable charge of £25.00 to obtain your temporary event notice if one is required. Please note we require a minimum of 21 days’ notice to apply for your event license.
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