With all the party and event restrictions at the moment, the only alternative is to have a casual drink at home. If that sounds seemingly boring why not add a drinking game to the mix!

Drinking games have been keeping the vibe alive since the Ancient Greek Era. However the 1940s is when drinking games became…complex. Turns out (according to Encyclopedia.com) the first recorded drinking game was called “Tang” and was invented by a group of Yale students, it works like this…

Teams of ten men and eight women would compete by lining up along opposite sides of a long table. Team members would then chug beers in lightning, and the first team to finish all its beers would be declared the winner.#yay

If “Tang” sounds like it’s going to leave you in a beer-coma for a few days, then maybe you can try a UK favorite, which everyone should try called God Save the Queen!

The aim of the game is to take a coin (preferably one that has the queens head on, to keep within the theme) and to strategically and sneakily SINK the coin into an opponents (or anyone nearby) drink and shout ‘God save the Queen’. The poor human whose drink has just been spoilt by a having a dirty coin thrown into it, now has to finish their beverage as quickly as possible and therefore save the Queen from drowning. What a hero!

If you’re the person that just had to down your drink, CONGRATULATIONS, you’re now the proud owner of a wet queen coin and have the power to choose the next target at random to continue the game. Continue the game and enjoy!Protect your drink by any means necessary!

Another fun drinking game to try (and also my personal favorite) is to blast the song ‘Roxanne’ by the Police over a speaker and to have a gulp of your drink every time the singer says the word ‘Roxzanne’.

p.s He says it 26 times in the song! According to anyone’s calculations, that’s a couple of drinks in 3 minutes! It’s a very simple game. Yet very effective!

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