A few weeks ago, we touched on how people judge us based on our drinks, the why is simple – we want to know what to expect before we approach. Or if not to approach at all. What do people think about you when they overhear you ordering your favourite spirit is up this week!

After looking at what people thought when they overhear you ordering your favourite drink at the bar. You have a good idea on what vibes you are sending out when ordering that glass of wine! But what if you aren’t really a light drinker? This one is for you!

favourite spirit

Whiskey drinkers

Generally you are respected, not just for your choice of drink but also your vocation. Men who drink whiskey have a certain air of manliness, (This definitely plays in their favor!) about them especially when served on the rocks. People see you as sophisticated, goal-orientated, and A-type. Whisky is definitely an attractive drink whether in the hand of a man or woman.

favourite spirit

Tequila drinkers

You are the party starter in your group, the outspoken friend, the first one on the dance floor. The friend everyone invites out for a good time. Usually the size of your hangover is an indicator of how good a time you had. You know what you want, and aren’t afraid to go get it. Onlookers are usually a little nervously intrigued by you and your drink.

Vodka drinkers

You are pedantic and love to organize things in spreadsheet type fashion. This has probably been your signature drink since you were a college student, and you are loyal to it. You usually start out very timid but by your third glass your hair comes down and what fun you are! When you order your drink thoughts that come to mind are mindful and health conscious. Until of course you’ve had a few then the perception is “librarian gone wild”!

favourite spirit

Gin drinkers

You know how to hold your drink, and are a traditionalist. Gin is to your night, what coffee is to your day. You drink to take the edge off. Loved by all who know you for your potty mouth and big heart. Gin screams character! From the bitter taste to the way in which it is enjoyed. You are seen as mysterious, straight forward and have an undeniable presence when you enter a bar.

favourite spirit

Rum drinkers

You are fun and young at heart, with a sweet tooth. A tough exterior, but are highly intoxicating to those around you. You are strong and love life. Definitely the kind of drink that leads to interest, onlookers think vibrant, lively and entertaining. Rum is not the kind of drink to have alone, so expect some offers to join you when arriving at the bar without a partner.

All this drink talking has me thirsty! Have an event coming up? Why not let Chota, Peg and Lime assist you with this? We also offer bespoke drinks – check out all you need to know about that here. Contact us at info@chotapegandlime.com or 077 1830 9618 for Mobile Bar Hire and a Free Venue Finder and a whole bunch of other cool stuff we can assist you with.

Did we sum you up correctly regarding your favourite spirit? You aren’t sure are you? No worries! One thing you can be sure of is, we should be your mobile bar of choice! Check back soon for when we share a little more about what you need to know about why you should be hiring a mobile bar!
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