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A party with a little flair says a lot about the host. Although you are already high on the list of awesome hosts because you’ve hired a Chota Peg and Lime mobile bar, we also have a bunch of “something special’s” to add to the ambiance and lighten the mood of your event.


What does Chota Peg and Lime do and how long have you been in business?

Chota Peg & Lime is a mobile bar company offering our services for weddings, corporate events and private parties, such as hen or birthday celebrations. We’ve been up and running since early 2016, but have extensive experience of running a mobile bar company from a previous company that I ran in South Africa. Our USP I would say is our ability ro delivered a personalised and customised bar for an event, alongside a flexible drinks package to match any budget.


What should a couple expect to be asked when looking for bar hire for their wedding?

First of all, what style bar they would like! For example, we have three styled bars; Modern, Vintage and Rustic. We’ll help the couple determine which bar is best for them based on their wedding, venue and theme. The other key question, is what kind of drinks service they would like. We can offer a full serviced bar; free, ticketed or paid, or serve drinks of your choosing from the bar, for example if you wanted customised couple cocktails. These decisions will determine the costs and service that we provide to the couple. There are also some really fun elements, such as how they’d like the bars to be customised, with images and lighting, and whether they wanted anything extra special from our bar stuff such as cocktail flairing!


What is the process of booking a bar?

First of all we need to have a conversation with any couple interested to find out more about what they’re looking for from our services. If a full-serviced bar is required, then that will take more time to organise than a Prosecco bar for example. Timings wise, we’d be looking at a 2-3 week turnaround time for a full serviced bar to ensure we have everything ready for the happy couple.


How do you price your bar hire and drinks? (Is there a minimum cost, a deposit, extra rental fees, refund policy?)

We have put special Wedding packages together which include the mobile bar hire, staff, wine and bubbly for the toasts. With these options you can also add a bar tab to the value of your choice, or implement a paid bar for guests. These options are based on there being a minimum of 100 guests, but does include customisation of the bar. We can put quotes together based on the couples wants and needs, but it’s usually based on the drinks and number of staff that they would like at their wedding.


How do you ensure your bars are transported properly?

Our bars are fully protected whenever they are in transit, so they’re very well taken care of!


Do couples need to check for certain qualifications or insurances when booking a bar or bar staff?

Licensing is one thing to think about – whether the event or location is licensed to sell or provide alcohol. I am fully APLH qualified with a personal alcohol license, so there’s no need to worry about arranging a license for your event. If a temporary event notice is needed then we would require a minimum 21 days to apply for this, with a £25 charge. Liability insurance is also a must-have, and should be proven through documentation to anyone booking a mobile bar.


Is there anything a couple should worry about? (think as if they were hiring an amateur supplier without a planner)

We’ve all been to events where the bar is chaotic, not well organised and the tablecloths being used on the make-shift bar are dirty from drink spillages. It’s details like that which leave a lasting impression on guests – you can always tell when the bar and bar staff are not experienced in running an event. That is the absolute opposite to what you’ll get at Chota Peg & Lime, we’re experienced, professional and know how to ensure your day is as special as it can be.


Are you seeing any trends at the moment?

Couples cocktails! They’re such a big trend for lots of reasons; they add personalisation to the Wedding by choosing one of the couple’s favourite cocktails; it’s much simpler for bar staff to make which reduces queues and wait times, and finally they’re cost effective.


What are the best and worst things about being a bar supplier?

The best thing without a doubt is the honour of being chosen to be a supplier for a couple’s wedding day. It’s such a special event to be a part of and we work very hard to ensure it’s perfect for them. Even better, when we see people happily on the dance floor during the reception, we love feeling a part of the party atmosphere!

The worst part is the small worry in the back of your mind about whether we’ve brought enough drinks to the event to meet demand. We have never run out before, and never plan to – it’s just one of those niggles that goes through your mind!


What one top tip would you give to newly engaged couples when looking for bar hire for their wedding day?

The bar is one of the most important parts of a wedding and keeping your guests happy throughout the evening. Couples know their guests the best, so they should absolutely have full input to the drinks menu and what is delivered. Make sure your supplier has run a wedding bar before, and knows all of the insider tips such as; location of the bar in the venue, the right quantities of drinks to serve your guests, and finally – make sure that they can deliver the look, feel and style that you’re looking for. That includes the look of the bars, customisable options and drinks they can serve!

Licensing information

The owner of Chota Peg & Lime is fully APLH qualified with a personal alcohol license so you do not need to worry about arranging a license for your event. There is a non-refundable charge of £25.00 to obtain your temporary event notice if one is required. Please note we require a minimum of 21 days’ notice to apply for your event license.

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