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Catch all the latest happenings here on our blog! For those of you that are interested, take a look through our past events and escapades over the years. From sunny sky weddings to crazy themed parties in the dead of winter, we have plenty to tell!


Are you a passionate drinker? You love your spirits, cocktails and love showing off your good knowledge of drinks, their history, recipes and the odd tip or two stick around for all the latest local happenings here on our blog. You could even look over what we have done in the past ranging from sunny sky weddings, to crazy themed parties in the dead of winter… we have plenty to tell!

What Makes a Great Bartender?

You want your event to be a success and with mobile bar hire, you have the drinks sorted. With a great bartender, the whole event will feel so much better but what makes for a great hospitality service? #1 A great attitude People think that being bar staff is easy -...

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Eight Tips for Planning a Surprise Party

Planning a party is hard work and a feat of organisation but add the element of surprise, and the goal posts really shift. This is your must-use guide to planning the perfect surprise party! Planning the FOOD Normally, for a surprise event, guests are assembled before...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring a Mobile Bar

Considering a mobile bar for your event or celebration? If so, you probably have a few questions about how the whole thing works. We walk you through hiring a mobile bar with these frequently asked questions… What are the options for hiring the bar? With Chota Peg and...

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10 Benefits of a Mobile Bar Service at Your Wedding

Whether it is a small, intimate wedding or a large celebration, a mobile bar service for your wedding ticks all the boxes. If you are considering one for your celebrations, take a look at these 10 benefits. 1. Drinks on tap Drinks flowing through the day and into the...

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What Makes the Perfect Cocktail?

Cocktail and drink making is a science. Yep. Watching flairers and bartenders on your nights out is the result of hours, sometimes even days, weeks or years of experience and training being poured into your glass. Let alone the undeterminable amount of time that it...

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