You are at a fancy upmarket bar, and they boast offerings of bespoke drinks. No, bespoke is not the latest new spirit on the market. If like many of us – you aren’t exactly sure of what that means, or how and why you should be ordering one. Don’t despair we’ve all been there and you are in good company!

bespoke drinks

Let’s unpack what “Bespoke” Means..

Bespoke, by definition means tailored specifically for you. A “once-off” made according to specifications, not to be repeated item. In this case – a drink, a drink that screams “you”. These drinks allow you to have something truly unique and allows your bartender to show off his artistry, by creating something amazing just for you. As the definition implies these kinds of drinks are an amazing add-on to a wedding, private party or corporate event.

As per any accessory which I truly believe a drink is, they speak volumes about the holder.

Tips for ordering your Bespoke Drink or Cocktail:

  1. As with ordering anything completely custom – you need to know what you want. What it is you like, the tastes you are looking for, and the feel you are going for should be clear in your mind
  2. Start with a base that you already like – whatever your poison may be. If you like your favourite spirit in a specific brand, don’t be afraid to ask for it. (It’s the beauty of custom-made!)
  3. Fruity? Chocolatey? Spicy? Whatever flavors speak to you, make you excited about your drink, pick those. Have two flavors completely opposite that you really like? Try it. Why not?
  4. Relax and let the bartender woo you. Enjoy!

bespoke drinks

It’s that simple. Bespoke drinks are perfect for themed parties at the office or at home, to use as a signature drink, or as a “Perfect Storm” mix up couple cocktail for your wedding.

Have an event coming up that requires a “bespoke drink”, why not contact us at Chota Peg and Lime and let us woo you and your VIPs. Contact us at or 077 1830 9618 for Mobile Bar Hire and a Free Venue Finder and a whole bunch of other cool stuff we can assist you with.


Do you have favourite bespoke drinks already? If not what you will be ordering given the opportunity?

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