It’s a typical night out, you offer to take orders for your friends at the bar. You’re hit with a chorus of:

“Vodka and tonic”
“Jack Daniels and Coke”
“White Wine”
“Glass of Prosecco”

All very well for a night out, where there’s a full bar offering anything that you could possibly want, but how can you provide the same service at a Wedding?

Here are 5 reasons why His & Hers, His & His or Hers & Hers Cocktails could be the perfect solution

  • Variety, without the costs.  Full bar options are of course an option when hiring a mobile bar company, but, Couples Cocktails on top of Wine, Beer and Prosecco or Champagne provide the perfect solution to adding spirit based mixers for guests, without the costs of a full serviced bar


  • Personal touch Adding personalised touches to weddings is what makes them so unique and special for the couple. Couples Cocktails make a statement to guests, and can create some wonderful photographs of the day for the couple and guests to look back on.


  • Cocktails, or Mocktails. Cocktails, without the alcohol! To look after non-drinking guests, Mocktails offer an alternative to the usual soft drinks for your guests. Choose the  Cocktails right, and simply removing the spirits will make Mocktails a refreshing alternative.


  • Match the theme For the couples that have particular eye for details, Cocktails can easily be themed to match any event, and still keep the ‘couples’ concept. This comes down to the signage on the bars, and how the Cocktails are presented to guests. We’ve found some of our favourite ideas here.


  • Quick serving With limited, but delicious drinks on offer, guests can spend more time enjoying the wedding breakfast and evening reception, and less time waiting for complication, or long drink orders to be completed. Walk up to the bar, pick your selected drinks, and keep on dancing!


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