Other Cool Stuff

Candy Cart

Our Candy Cart is not your average Candy Cart, we help you create that extra something special for your guests. We love all weddings and parties but also have a great deal of experience in corporate events, product launches and exhibitions for some pretty exciting clients!

Whether your wedding is a vintage, retro or contemporary style, just let us know the number of guests and we will come up with an inspirational colour scheme and ideas to create a gorgeous edible show-piece! Candy striped bags are provided with the candy buffet for your guests to take the sweets away or as an alternative for your wedding favours. There is an extensive list of sweets to choose from and if you have any special requests let us know!

Illuminated Letter Hire

Want to make an instant impact at the next party you host? You can do just that by hiring out our illuminated letter service to provide your event with the sparkle it needs to make it one people will remember forever.

This fantastic service sees you adding a real personal touch, with the letters you hire out serving to spell a personal message directly related to the special day – whether that’s someone’s name or the particular theme (perhaps a birthday or wedding).

Your guests certainly won’t miss these bad boys, with the letters not only standing out thanks to the series of lights built into them, but also designed to industrial measures. Most of our items come up to chest-height on an average size person – sitting in the middle of the room and grabbing people’s attention instantly.

It’s a simple touch, but it’ll set the theme and tone of a party from the get-go – as well as providing a secondary use as mood lighting when you crank the lights down low.

LED Starlit Dance floor

Whether you are looking for a dance floor to give your wedding that finishing touch or that extra special sparkle! we have a variety of floorings to choose from depending on the theme and preference which can be sized accordingly! Black, white, acrylic and parquet floors are all available for hire!

Or perhaps you are looking for that sparkle and shine? A touch of elegance to transform the look and feel of your evening reception!

Our spectacular LED starlit dance floors may be just for you! They have a variety of magical flash functions, meaning the bright LED lights can be set to your individual taste, all controlled at you fingertips. Available in black, white or a combination of the both! One of our stunning LED starlit dance floors will bring that additional WOW factor to your event! We don’t stop there! If it’s something more bespoke let us know!

Casino Table Hire

What’s life without a little risk now and then? We all like having fun and gambling a pretty penny every so often, which is why our casino tables continue to prove a popular item at parties up and down the country.

The tables include the popular casino games:


A trained croupier comes accompanied with every table – who’ll make sure nobody is doing any dodgy dealings and pocketing cash in an unfair manner. While their ultimate aim is to ensure you’re there for a bit of fun, they will still adhere to the rules of the game they’re marshalling.

These tables work at any party where the booze is flowing, but unsurprisingly reach their zenith at Vegas themed events – where casino tables are meant to grab the headlines. These tables work perfectly alongside lots of other services, with our showgirls and magicians helping to completely transport you to the Vegas strip.

Fire Performers

Want to wow your guests and leave them breathless with a superb fire display?

Then why not book up one of our most popular acts and enjoy the scorching fire performances from our brilliant entertainers.

This high energy act will leave a lasting impression and ensure an event you’ll never forget.

Our fire performers create a visually stunning display to act as either a sideshow or the centerpiece to your event. Plus, our fire acts come with a range of skills to keep everyone entertained. These include:

Fire Eating/Staff/Fire-Poi/Breathing/Hula-Hoop/Dancing/Juggling/Spinning
The fire performances are perfect for any event you have in mind. From corporate events, to product launches and even club nights, these acts are the ideal complement to your evening.

Our trained experts have been working with fire for some time and you can rest assured all acts are safe for both the performer and your guests. We continually assess the quality of our fire performers and their safety credentials, giving you valuable peace of mind.

MirrorBall Heart

Handmade with over 10,000 individual glass mirror tiles, our Mirror Ball Heart can transform any venue. Expertly installed with lighting taylor made to each setting, event and colour scheme. Our MirrorBall Heart itself is 1.9 metres tall, the face is 1.7 metres wide and it stands 2.9 metres tall when its on its revolving stand. We supply each instal with custom lighting set up to make sure we get the best reaction every time.

Human Canapé Tables

This stunning new bespoke act has taken the UK by storm since being introduced in January!

Our large tables are sophisticatedly attached to our staff and dressed with all types of themed attire, while serving guests and greeting them with a big smile.

These acts are perfect for all types of events: Corporate, private functions, birthdays, restaurants, you name it we can cater to it.

Photo Booths

Photo Booths are an exciting must have and guaranteed to be a success with your guests!

Our booths capture and share the fun and enjoyment of your event making memories that will last a lifetime!

Strolling Champagne Dresses

Putting a new twist on the human strolling table collection. A fully dressed human drinks and canapé table, with interchanging slots to change from canapés to any drinks of your choice.

You can choose from a mix of themes/costumes including Winter Wonderland, Enchanted Garden, Rose Girls and Butterfly Girls.

These are great for weddings, private parties, club launches and all types of corporate events! Add that extra sparkle to your event today!

Giant Martini Glass

Dita von Tease and Marilyn Monroe certainly wouldn’t be out of place in one of these glasses – and nor would our fire artists and grinding acts. It doesn’t matter what kind of themed party you’re hosting – UV, Circus, Burlesque, White Party, Vintage or Pillow Parties, these giant martini glasses will fit right in.

We’re happy to stock your ridiculously oversized giant martini glasses with both boys and girls. All our dancers are trained professionals in the art of burlesque and will put on a titillating display as a side-show to the grand event that is your party.

As if one isn’t enough, we’ve got two of these bad boys nicely packed away for you to rent out when the feeling strikes. Place them together bang in the middle of the room, or use them at opposite ends – the choice is yours.

Our performers can simply show off their acrobatic expertise in the background, or even go as far as to grab centre stage and entertain everyone with a specially choreographed routine.

LED Photo Frames

1, 2, 3, SMILE! Our latest addition to the bespoke collection is here.

Our LED photo frames are sure to grab the attention of your crowd. Choose from a wide selection of colours, shapes and sizes to suit all of your needs. All frames are fully equipped with LED lighting to match!
Testimonials: What a great addition to our event! We have entertainment every week but this is definitely something we will add to our weekly acts! The guests love the frame and the outcome of the photos are brilliant! Love the choices too.

Giant Birdcage

We are now the proud owners of the world’s largest Bird Cage! If you’re looking for that Bespoke Act mixed with sophistication and glamour then book our bird cage now! Suitable for all types of events such as weddings, corporate functions, product launches,etc.

Perfect for themed events such as Fairytale Forest, Enchanted Garden, Moulin Rouge, Midsummer Night’s Dream and many more!

Standing at over 3.5m this versatile cage can have the options of a hoop, pole, swing or can even be turned into a giant archway complete with colour changing LED lighting, sure to be the highlight of your event!

Giant LED Star

Just picture it – you walk into a dimly lit room, before staring up and finding yourself captivated by a dazzling star shining high atop of the evening’s events.

That’s exactly what you and your guests will experience if you decide to opt for this centrepiece at your next corporate or casual party.

Standing at over 10 feet tall, our giant LED star is a service which can be tailored to suit practically any occasion perfectly. The lights can change colour to match a party’s theme, while its sheer size allows a trained performer to work their magic inside. Just some of the different types of acts who can show off their skills inside the star include:


With such a versatile range of potential performers to choose from, as well as an inter-changeable colour scheme which works for you, the LED star unsurprisingly has been known to work at practically any event imaginable. Whether at a wedding with a formal tone, or a party that’s a little more on the fun side, our star will set the room alight.

Giant LED Robots

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto…and Maximus”. That’s what you’ll be saying to our colourful duo of Giant LED Robots after they’ve put on a show you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Roboto and Maximus are a couple of jokers, who just so happen to possess some killer moves on the dancefloor. Unleash them on any night – whether it be at a party or corporate event – and the pair will strut their stuff in the middle of the room to the rhythm of whatever tune is blaring out over the sound system. Decked out in bright and vibrant LED lights, guests certainly won’t miss them rocking away.

The duo aren’t technically animatronic, as their insides are occupied by trained performers with a background in dance. Robotics fans will still be in awe however, with the performance creating the illusion of an actual giant metal man jiving away.

The Giant LED Robots work perfectly with themes like:
American Independence Day
Robot Wars
And many more

Giant Pop out cake

Having a special occasion? Our life size pop out cake is perfect for all types of events! Imagine this……….

The lights dim, the candles are lit, the cake wheels over to that special guest, confetti cannons fill the air with millions of colourful pieces, then all of a sudden your selected performer pops out of the cake to serenade the special guest!

Whatever you require to jump out of the cake we will perfect your theme/event to exact precision whether it’s a yellow ribboned easter cake, topless waiters for a hen party or burlesque dancers, we have it all.

Our bespoke life size pop out cake, one of a kind in the UK will really WOW your guests!

We can fit up to 4 people inside the cake, so the ideas are endless….

Testimonial: We hired the cake for Mariah Carey’s birthday party and it got aired on her TV show on ‘E’!