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We boast that we can take the bar where you are, but what happens when you are not too sure WHERE that is.Don’t fret, we can help. With our FREE venue finding service, you will have one less thing to worry about.Why spend your valuable time phoning and driving around to find the perfect place to party when we can do the hard work for you? We have been in this industry almost as long as there has been mint in juleps so can barter deals, track down specials and basically save you the trouble.

Whether you are looking for somewhere intimate to celebrate your birthday, some place fancy to impress your high school friends at a class reunion or want the perfect venue to start your marriage off right, we probably “Know a Guy” (or a Girl).

We realise that you do not want to give over the reigns completely so will offer you options. We will look at your style, your budget, and your location, and track down the best-suited venues, but the final say is still yours.

Planning a successful event doesn’t have to be stressful, just fill in our quick and easy questionnaire and we will use our fancy schmancy algorithms, our networking skills and our love of a good party to find you a place that simple, WORKS.

We strive for the WOW factor so you will not be disappointed.

The service is complimentary with any bar booking for a minimum of 80 people for five hours provided we are the only ones dishing out drinks. Please note we need to start looking at least three weeks before your event, because the best places get booked up fast.

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